6 facts about Sofia Loren you didn't know

Under the name of Sofia Villani Scicolone see the light of the world for the first timeborn, in Naples in 1949, what is today one of the living legends of the history of cinema, Sofia Loren, was born.

From a poor family (her father abandoned them when she and her sister were small and her mother had to get by on little) her interest in acting was evident from very early on.

At the age of 18, a youngest female teenager, Sofia participated in a regional beauty contest whose good results encouraged her to enter other contests, including national ones. And at the same time she was trying her luck in the world of cinema where she started as an extra in films like Quo Vadis? (1951).

Those first steps were only the tip of the iceberg of a career of glories that, although already in few appearances, continues to gain weight.

But in the life of the Italian woman, besides what we all know, there have also been very curious moments. We count ten. Let's see how many you knew:

1. She was the first actress to win the Oscar for best foreign language role. She won the award with the film "Two Women" by Vittorio de Sica.

2. Peugeot engineers were inspired by her eyes when they designed the headlights for the Peugeot 504. It was this model that marked a new era in the brand's headlights, which until read more then had been circular.

3. He has never performed in a theatre because he has stage fright.

4. She has its own brand of glasses. In fact, it was the first famous

he did.

5. She also has a jewelry collection inspired by her from a famous firm.

6. She had a very successful affair with the actor Cary Grant.

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